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At Deep Cuts Studio, it is our strongest philosophy to get the absolute best sounding tracks from the very beginning. This is why we have such a strong list of amazing microphones, and microphone preamplifiers. Our goal is to have it sounding like the "record" even before it hits Pro Tools. 

Our Microphone list has been hand selected to have the best options for every instrument & sound source. 

We have the ability to record up to 32 tracks simultaneously, and a 16 channel headphone monitoring system, so we are ready for the largest bands and ensembles. And with our three separate tracking rooms that can be joined together or used separately, the options are endless. 

Mixing is done completely "in the box", quick, reliably, and guaranteed. Deep Cuts Studio has all of the latest and greatest plugins and audio processing that all of the pros use. 



Full pricing comprises of at least two free recalls included. If additional recalls are needed, then extra charging may be warranted. 

Mastering is the final step in quality control of any project. Our master bus processing will make sure you sound your absolute best. 

We are able to remotely connect to other locations with the following software:

  • Source Connect Pro X​

  • AudioMovers

  • Zoom

  • Teams

  • ipDTL

  • Phone

  • ETC.

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