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Deep Cuts Studio offers you flexibility and space allowing you to escape, explore, and create. With three separate rooms (two of them that are adjacently joined) record a full band live with complete isolation while you enjoy coffee, beer, sodas, and water included with your booking. 


Matt Lloyd
Owner/Audio Engineer

Originally from North Carolina, and living some in Nashville, TN, Matt has over a decade in experience in both live and recording music production. Growing up, he played drums in many bands, and dabbled some in piano and bass guitar. He then later graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, with a degree in Audio Production. With more experience in live audio production, shows, & concerts, Matt brings a lot of the live sound experience to the studio.


Matt started Deep Cuts Studio, with the passion and motive to create the absolute best sounding recordings, and the desire to create timeless recording masterpieces.  No matter if you are looking to create just one song, a small EP, or your most ambitious album ever, Deep Cuts Studio will go above and beyond to provide your best production needs possible.

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